2020,2021 & 2022 UNAVAILABLE DATES 

This is a list of dates that I am not available throughout 2020,2021,2022 & 2023.
Please note that I also work full time in my salon so therefore if you are booking last minute I may not have your date available.
The list will be updated as new dates are taken. 
Policy information can be found in detail on my terms and conditions page.



Fri 25th Sep - wedding


Thurs 8th Oct - wedding

Sat 10th Oct - wedding

Weds 14th Oct - wedding

Weds 27th-29th Oct - wedding away


Sat 14th Nov - wedding

Mon 9th Nov - wedding

Weds 9th Dec - unavailable

Sat 12th - mon 14th Dec - unavailable



Friday 1st - Sun 10th Jan - unavailable



Friday 5th - Sun 7th Feb - Wedding away 

Friday12th & Sat 13th Feb - Wedding away

Sunday 14th Feb - wedding

Thursday 18th - Monday 22nd - unavailable

Saturday 27th Feb - wedding



Tuesday 2nd - Thurs 4th March - wedding away 

Saturday 6th March - wedding

Sunday 7th - unavailable until 11am

Wednesday 9th - 30th March - unavailable

Wednesday 31st March - wedding



Friday 2nd April - wedding

Saturday 3rd April - wedding

Sunday 4th April - wedding

Tuesday 6th April - wedding

Thursday 8th April - wedding

Saturday 10th April - wedding

Sunday 11th April - wedding

Thursday 15th April - wedding

Friday 16th April - wedding

Saturday 17th April - wedding

Wednesday 21st April - wedding

Saturday 24th April - wedding

Friday 30th April - wedding



Saturday 1st May - wedding

Sunday 2nd May - wedding

Thursday 6th - 31st May - unavailable



Thursday 3rd June - wedding

Friday 4th June - wedding

Saturday 5th June - wedding

Sunday 6th June - wedding

Thursday 10th June - wedding

Friday 11th June - wedding

Saturday 12th - Mon 14th June - destination wed

Friday 18th June - wedding

Saturday 19th June - wedding

Sunday 20th June - unavailable

Saturday 26th June - wedding



Thursday 1st July - wedding

Friday 2nd July - wedding

Saturday 10th July - wedding

Monday 12th July - wedding 

Tuesday 13th - fri 16th July - unavailable

Saturday 17th July - wedding

Tuesday 20th July - provisional wedding

Saturday 24th July - wedding

Thursday 29th July - wedding

Friday 30th July - prom booking - late afternoon.

Saturday 31st July - wedding



Sunday 1st Aug - wedding

Monday 2nd Aug - wedding

Thursday 5th Aug - wedding

Friday 6th Aug - wedding

Monday 9th Aug - wedding

Thursday 19th Aug - wedding

Friday 20th Aug - wedding

Saturday 21st Aug - wedding

Sunday 22nd Aug - wedding

Thursday 26th Aug - wedding

Friday 27th Aug - wedding

Saturday 28th Aug - wedding

Sunday 29th Aug - wedding



Thursday 9th Sep - wedding

Friday 10th Sep - wedding

Monday 13th Sep - wedding

Friday 17th Sep - wedding

Wednesday 22nd to Fri 24th Sep - prov wedding away

Saturday 25th Sep - wedding

Mon 27th - Mon 4th Oct - destination wedding



Friday 8th Oct - wedding

Saturday 9th Oct - wedding

Saturday16th Oct - wedding

Friday 22nd Oct - wedding

Saturday 23rd Oct - provisional wedding

Friday 29th Oct - wedding

Saturday 20th Nov - provisional wedding

Wednesday 8th Dec - wedding

Friday 17th Dec - wedding

Friday 31st Dec - wedding

Saturday 5th March - wedding

Saturday 9th April - wedding

Sunday 17th April - wedding

Friday 22nd April - wedding

Sunday 1st May - wedding

Friday 27th May - wedding

Wednesday 1st June - wedding

Sunday 11th June - wedding

Saturday 25th June - wedding

Saturday 16th July - wedding

Saturday 30th July - wedding

Saturday 6th August - wedding

Sunday 7th August - wedding

Saturday 13th August - wedding

Thurs 25th August - wedding

Saturday 27th August - wedding

Saturday 1st October 2022 - wedding

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Saturday 2nd September - wedding

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