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SO the big day is almost here, are you totally ready for it?? Hopefully this blog post will help you with the bit I know most about...YOUR WEDDING MORNING.

As a wedding makeup artist I am usually one of the first to arrive, so since doing my job and as I am currently planning my own wedding I have collected up all the best tips together to share with you all.

1. First things first, if you haven't already then have a little read through my blog post on 12 tips ahead of your big day, this post sort of leads on from that with regards to beauty prep so if you have read it already then your nails should be done, hair freshly washed and your brows already on point here's the link -

Now I do recommend trying to get as much sleep as you can in the lead up to your big day BUT you've probably woken up after about 2 hours sleep because you are definitely just too excited!? Don't even worry about it, don't even count the hours of sleep you haven't had...I promise your excitement and adrenaline will get you through the day and hopefully some of my tips will help to give you a morning boost!!

2. RISE AND SHINE BRIDE TO BE! T-minus 6 hours until you get married!!....Have 20 mins to yourself, pop your favourite tune on, get yourself the biggest glass you can find and fill it not prosecco not just yet anyway! WATER and if you can, add some ice it will help wake you up! now apply all the things I'm about to list below, it will only take about 20mins. This is your special day and you want to start it off the right way, relaxed and ready so you can really enjoy what is to come and get the most out of your day!

- Apply a dry face mask, I recommend charlotte tilbury's instant magic sheet it will help prep your skin ready for your makeup to be applied onto. These sheets really are magical I use them before any big event or special occasion I have coming up, they give off so many benefits which are listed in the link below, your skin will be hydrated, brightened and smoother just to name a few.

- Apply a lip balm, the last thing you want is flakey, sore lips on your wedding day! Again on my 12 wedding day tips ahead of your big day I have given some recommendations of lip scrubs and also a recipe for a home made lip scrub to really prep them and get them wedding ready, I wouldn't recommend using this on your wedding morning as you don't want to over do it, just a lip balm to rehydrate and smooth your lips ready for your lipstick to be applied perfectly and last all day!

- Apply some under eye gel pads, I love - Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer, what a brilliant name BTW. These really help reduce puffiness and dark circles and you can use them with an eye cream (another recommendation for the lead up to your day) or you can just use one or the other!

3. EAT!! I know, you'll be feeling all the feels right now and way to nervous to eat but honestly I can't stress how important it is and how much it will do you good. You don't want to risk passing out, or a tummy rumble during your ceremony!! There are so many good blog posts out there with wedding breakfast ideas so have a read through.

4. TOUCH UP BAG...Put a little bag of your makeup needs into a small bag you'll prob only need your lipstick and a powder but its also a really good idea to get yourself a travel bottle and dispense your wedding day perfume into it (before hand), just incase you want to top that up later in the day too. Having all these bits together in a bag will make it easier to find and not disturb your day too much.

5. SCENTS..I love this idea and I don't see it enough!! Pick a lovely candle and matching room spray and get those going, light that candle and spray that room spray..they don't even need to be expensive, Aldi actually do some amazing dupes of Jo Malone and having that special scent burning away during your morning preparations will always bring you back to that moment when you smell it again.

6. THE FUN STARTS...Link your phone up to a speaker, get on spotify and select a wedding morning playlist or even better create one yourself a few days before.

TIP - If you are getting ready at a hotel or your venue find out if they have a speaker you can use or even if you are getting ready at home and you don't have a portable bluetooth speaker, get one! they are cheap as chips off amazon and will make a difference to the atmosphere on your wedding morning.

7. TIMELINE'S...Hair and makeup time!! If you book a fabulous professional like myself (wink) this will already be sorted out for you, I often discuss how the morning will run during my brides makeup trial, we agree a start and finish time and also set times for each person in the bridal party to have their makeup done so everyone knows where they are at and when, this usually runs in line with the hairdresser to ensure the morning runs smoothly. Print these time lines out and have a copy to hand on the morning so no one is flapping about.

8. ENJOY IT!...So it's your time to sit in the hair/makeup chair...just relax! Put your phone down, if anything comes up let your bridal party deal with it, I can't tell you the amount of times I have sat a bride down and they have had to get up and down and use their phone and do this and do that, DON'T DO IT! you've paid enough for this day and these special services so get the most out of them, pop the champs..sit and enjoy it all because you bloody deserve to.

9. THE LITTLE THINGS...Remember the little things, your photographer will absolutely love you for it! Here is a list of little extra things I'm planning to have on my wedding morning for photographs -

- Perfume

- Earrings / Necklace

- Bridal white pjs

- Bridal robe

- A spare set of your wedding invite

- A small off cut of your flowers (ask your florist ahead of the day for this)

- A cute ring box

- Your wedding day lipstick

- Bridal clutch bag

- A wedding themed phone case

10. ALLOW PLENTY OF TIME...This is one thing I stress to brides when we create a timeline together, I always aim to be completely finished with makeup no later than 1 hour before your ceremony, you will thank me for this because honestly the last half an hour is often all go! go! go! So be ready way before this and in plenty of time, even have all your girls in their dresses before this...I mean you've probably paid a lot to be in your bridal suite so again make the most of it, you'll get beautiful shots from your photographer, you'll have time to get your dress on without rushing and you can enjoy a glass of prosecco with your girls.


Thank you so much for reading, Leanne xxx

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