So sorry I have been quiet on here, I have completely neglected my blog but I'm sure for any of you that are married or are currently planning you will understand! I am also running my businesses, renovating my house and getting a beautiful new studio ready for my clients...its all GO over here so I will get these post's and videos (coming soon) ;) out as much as I can along the way.

So Its been 10 weeks since we booked our wedding and I completely underestimated just how much there is to do and book along with the amount some companies require for a deposit (50%) jeez! That has been one of the biggest shocks throughout this, but although we have had to fork out a huge chunk of our budget at least everything is all booked! hallelujah!

So I thought a great way to get back into my blog would be to give you a few tips so you're a bit more prepared, organised and aware of what to expect when it comes to booking your own wedding.


As soon as you get engaged get yourself a cute little wedding planner, they are fab for jotting down ideas and they pretty much list all the big bits you need to do/book, having said that the smaller details don't tend to be noted so I bought myself a basic notepad as well so whenever I think of a smaller detail that I would like to include in our wedding I write it down, trust me on this one because along the way and as you book things you will have so many ideas and you will definitely forget them all if you don't write them down I would anyway and my ideas seem to pop in my head at stupid o'clock at night so I keep mine on my bedside table!


This was a long and quite stressful process for us as we are getting married in Italy and had no clue where to start! It took us just over a year to find our venue but luckily we did and we have a brilliant co-ordinator called Nicoletta and if she ever reads this YOU ARE AMAZING! She has been so helpful with recommendations and all little questions I have had and she has always answered me so quickly, thats one thing I found a bit frustrating when finding suppliers is if they aren't available they probably wont reply to you which I just find really unprofessional and rude but I also understand that people are so busy, I know first hand this as I am in the industry but thats probably why I am so critical, I have so much time for everyone whether I am available for them or not....anyway!!! Carrying on.... To help you make your decision break it down, write your guest list first, count how many you will have in the day and then also for the evening as this will give you an idea of how big/small your venue needs to be, some venues do have a maximum capacity and some have a minimum requirement for catering so keep these in mind.

Do your research...Pinterest and Instagram are the ones for this! create a wedding board and get pinning! you can now also save images on Instagram and create folders so get one on each platform! I have an Italy wedding, wedding party and hen board on each, have a search through, search for things like wedding venue inspo, wedding venue ideas ECT and also hashtags, now we have booked I look on the Instagram location tag of our venue to see who has got married there and look for inspo and ideas and things they did which I can maybe put my own spin on. At the beginning we weren't really sure what theme of wedding we wanted for our party...did we want a barn,manor house,marquee, there is so much to chose from, but this soon became clear when I sat down one day and had a scroll through my wedding board on Pinterest, everything seem to blend, the colours I have saved are pretty much the same, the stationary and signs almost match and my vision was becoming clearer, obviously not everyone is like me and some people know straight away exactly how they want their wedding...not jealous of you at all!!

Visit wedding shows, these are great because they are usually held at wedding venues so not only can you view the venue and get a feel for it but you also get to meet a load of suppliers that are local and will often work at that venue, this will give you so much inspiration and lots of ideas!!

It does get very overwhelming and you kind of need to be sure what you are going for from the get go as it will help you to plan the rest of your big day!


So now your vision is clear, you know exactly where you want to get married and you've got an idea of the other suppliers to need to book, now buy a diary for the year of your wedding for example I am getting married in 2020 so I have a 2020 diary solely to help with my wedding payments, why have I done this? because payments will be due and they will be due all over the place....3 months before, 6 months before, 10 days before, on the day...honestly every supplier is different and your mind can quickly go all over the place and if you're anything like me I like to be organised and know where I am at, what I have paid and when the next payment is due. On the first page of each month of the diary I have also listed what payments are due for that month and the total to pay out, On the months where nothing is due I then made a list again on the first page for extras or smaller detailed bits I want to buy for example - Pj's, gifts, our favours, signs...bits like that...leave space to tick things off once you have done them ;) this is where your planner comes into good use as you can write in what you have booked and the details of the company, what time they are arriving ect, I purely use my diary for payments and so I know when I can go out and have a little wedding splurge!


Like I said above its easy to get a bit lost in it all, all the emails, confirmations, invoices, receipts! so having them all organised from the beginning is best and you will feel way more relaxed, firstly set up a wedding email this is such a fab idea and keeps everything together and nothing will get mixed up with your usual emails and call it something fun and related to you and your partner! I did this but I am so old school I like paper and pens! so I went out and purchased 3 basic folders just from the range, I labeled them - one for our wedding day in Italy, one for our wedding party in the uk and one for my hen do, I then print off all irrelevant info and I keep everything together where they need to be and easily accessible - mind at ease!!!!


I can just chill out now, everything is booked, everything is in place and I know on the day everything is going to come together.

Actually the next big thing to do is FIND MY DRESS! ekkk!! I have given myself some time to relax a bit now so I have booked my dress styling appointments in for the end of September & October! Il be sure to let you know how that goes!!

Thank you for having a little read, I really hope it helps some of you get organised... I am so excited to share our wedding with you all <3

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