4 steps to the perfect smokey eye

Here are my 4 steps to help you perfect the smokey eye!


BASE, some people may use an eye primer for this but I actually prefer not to, I always use more of a concealer type base. P Louise ( @plouise_makeup_academy ) has created a fab base product that I believe was inspired by Mac select cover up concealer which is what I used to use as a base and of course has been discontinued just like all our favourite lipsticks!!

You don't need to set this with a powder, so you just press it onto the eyelid with a flat concealer brush, I use a Mac 195.

This will give you the best base for your chosen eyeshadow and will allow the true colour to show up, the shadow will not crease or budge all day!


HIGHLIGHT, now you want to highlight your eye in the right places to make them pop! I use Mac vanilla pigment for this with a Mac 248 brush, I simply wet my brush with a spray of Mac fix + then dip it into the pigment and apply directly onto the tear ducts of the eye and underneath the brow on the brow bone.


SHADOW, the most important bit. A quick tip - whenever doing a smokey eye, do this before the rest of your makeup so if you get any shadow that falls out onto the skin you can wipe it away!

Okay so going onto the shadow I always choose 3 colours, this is usually a cream/nude - almost skin colour which I apply over the entire eyelid and blend with my highlight, I then choose what I call a transfer colour which should be 2 shades down from your third and final shade I hope you're still with me here!

So after applying my first shade I then go in and blend the second shade (transfer shade) into the crease of my eye, try to feel for your eye sockets for this and just buff back and forward with a blending brush, for this I use Morphe brush M330.


DEFINE, now you want to add more depth and definition to complete your smokey eye and to do this you now need your third shade this tends to be black or dark brown depending on what kind of smokey eye you are going for.

I firstly apply this along the lash line with a pencil brush - Morphe M431 by the way Morphe brushes are so good and they are so cheap, mostly £3/4!!

I then go underneath the eye to create a smokey look under the eye and to finish I go into the crease of my eye again as I did with my transfer shade. TIP - don't pick up too much product, pick a little up with your pencil brush, tap any excess away and then go straight onto each point I have just stated above without collecting any more product, you will get a much better blend doing this, you can of course go in again and do all three points until you have your desired look. To add more definition apply mascara and also a dark liner along your water line.

I hope this will help you achieve the perfect smokey eye!

Leanne x


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