Foundation Brush

If you read my last blog post you will know I like to apply my foundation with a real technique sponge, I do however like to chop and change and I still use a brush sometimes, so for this one of my faves is the E.L.F ultimate blending brush, I love this brush because you can use it for applying powder or liquid ( make sure if you are planning to use it for both then you need to clean and dry it in between )

It picks up the perfect amount of product and blends it beautifully into the skin, this is also the brush I tend to use completely clean at the end of my makeup routine just to give everything a buff together and for a sweet price of £6.50 you cant go wrong!

Concealer Brush

I absolutely love Mac's 270 concealer brush but it is £21, if you're happy to spend that then go for it but if you are after a cheaper version then the Zoeva 142 concealer buffing brush is a great dupe and gives the same effect for over half the price £10!

Blusher Brush

You should know by now I am a massive fan of real technique, not only for the sponges but also for their brushes! As I have mentioned in previous posts the brand was created by two makeup artist so they know exactly what is needed when it comes to our tools!

The blushes brush is just what you need to pick up and blend the right amount of product and it is super smooth so it glides nicely onto your skin. It is just under ten pounds at £9.99 BUT if you have a look online there is almost always some kind of offer on real technique and they also have sets of brushes at really reasonable prices.

Bronzing Brush

I am going back to E.L.F for this one just because they are brilliant brushes and such good value for money. The pointed powder brush is great for applying bronzer because the shape of it means you can get right under your cheek bone for contouring and sculpting your face!

Again this one is so cheap for a brush...£7.50!!

Blending Brush - eyes

Oh Morphe, this brand is a god send! I just purchased about 5 of their brushes for under £30 and I am loving them all so far! One of my faves is the M330 which is a blending brush for your eyes, Im only including this one into this post as some brushes can get a bit technical but this one is so easy to use, I literally use it daily by picking up a bit of my bronzer with it and sweeping it over my eyelids for a day time look. £7!!

I have tried to include brushes that I think will help with basic makeup application and what I would use day to day to apply my makeup so I really hope that helps, and all the above would only total £40.99 so not toooooo bad!!

Thank you for having a little read, Leanne x

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