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This one is probably going to be down to preference but as stated in the title I am just going to write this post up on how I personally like to apply my foundation ect which is also the same routine I tend to have when applying makeup on my clients, This has been a highly requested subject to write about so I hope you enjoy it and pick up some tips!


I always apply skin care and I do so using my hands and fingers, they work their magic on their own by warming up the products and you can really work them into the skin which is exactly want you want to do, this would be for your moisturiser, eye cream and primer.


I apply my foundation with a real technique miracle sponge, I will link it below. This is my favourite sponge to use! The real technique brand was created by Nicola and Sam who are amazing makeup artists on youtube known together as Pixiwoo (check them out)


After applying my foundation I then apply my concealer on top, I dispense the products straight onto the skin off of the applicator, I then go back to my sponge and blend it in and over the top of my foundation on areas where I need it, I tend to apply It under my eyes and across my cheek bone like an upside down triangle!

I try not to go too close to the eyes with the sponge or product, instead I use a concealer brush and buff upwards towards the under eye. (brush linked below)


I usually always use a loose translucent powder, Laura Mercier is my fave but it can be tricky and a bit messy to apply so be careful! I tip the pot upside down, tap it and then open it and use the powder that is sat in the lid, I've found this is the easiest and less messy way!

for this I use the a Mac 133 brush and place the powder only in areas where I get oily or where I want to set, so this would be on top of where I have applied my concealer (under eye) and also down my t-zone just because I have an oily t-zone, I always suggest with powder that if you don't need it, don't apply it because this is when makeup can look too heavy or matte and you can loose that natural glow!


My go to highlighter is by Becca and its called Champagne pop! Using a similar brush to my powder I apply a small amount to my cheekbones, tip of my nose and cupids bow.


I always switch up my blusher but my current favourite is Bobbi Brown - peony.

You don't want to go too OTT with this, I apply mine gradually and build it up and only really on the apples of my cheeks in a circular motion with a large round blusher brush!


Two cult products in my makeup kit - Benefit Hoola and Hoola Lite ( no typo here, that is how you spell it ) I always use the two, so I firstly apply the Lite and this will be on the areas you want to create shading - under cheek bones, temples, sides of your nose and under your chin. Hoola lite is the perfect shade for subtle contouring, I then go over the areas I want to appear more bronze with the original Hoola, usually just the cheeks and temples.


After I have applied all the above in that order, I then go over and buff everything in with a CLEAN fluffy brush, this will ensure all your makeup is nicely blended and there are no lines anywhere!! I must stress this has to be a clean brush with no product.


Finish off with a generous amount of setting spray, Mac fix + is a god send and will give your makeup the perfect finish, give it a few mins to settle in after spraying as it can look a bit wet.

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