How to properly apply your makeup throughout the seasons

Updated: Apr 21, 2019


My skin has been shocking throughout the winter so I couldn't be happier to see some sun! Having said that first things first and most important SPF!!! I have worn SPF every single day since I was 16, I can still hear the words being drilled into my head from my Beauty Therapy tutor Tina ( cor that was a mouthful of T's! ), It was when I first walked into her class she said to us how important it was to look after our skin and to wear it every day so I did! Fast forward 15 years later I am happy with my skin, I get the odd break out as you do but I honestly put having good skin down to wearing SPF every day. I personally incorporate SPF within my daily moisturiser I recently started using Simple - protecting moisture its about £7 from Superdrug. Here is the link - ITS CURRENTLY ON OFFER FOR £3.39!!!

So my point obviously is that regardless of what season it is and come rain or shine I cant stress the importance of wearing SPF every day, Here are a few bullet points why you should because its not only to have youthful skin.


  • Protection from UVA & UVB RAYS

  • Prevents brown spots, skin discolouration, skin pigmentation

  • Slows down the development of wrinkles

Now onto makeup, I do like to switch up my makeup through the different seasons, so il start with skin.

In Autumn/Winter I tend to wear a thicker moisturiser as my skin gets very de-hydrated and dry so for this I do splash out on Charlotte Tilbury's Magic cream, it really is magic and worth every penny in my personal opinion, a little goes a long way with this product and it has too many benefits to list so I will just attach the link below -

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream / £49 - £180

I then also like to use a more creamy foundation so il go for Bobbi Brown Skin foundation this also benefits from containing SPF 15, its water based so great for a fresh hydrating glow as stated on their website!

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation / £34.50

Now I don't mind wearing powders in winter as I add lots of hydration and lose the dry skin from applying highly hydrated moisturisers and foundations, TIP - prep your skin properly first with the right skin care for you and your makeup should sit well all day whatever the weather.

Although I do prefer to use my more lightweight foundations throughout Spring/Summer and definitely when I am on holiday, for this my fave foundation for the hotter months is Mac Face and Body! Again so many benefits to this product and it does not feel like foundation it literally feels like a moisturiser.

MAC Face and Body // £26-£30

Liquid products are the best for warmer months, I have been loving the Nars Liquid bronzer and their liquid blushers and I swear by them for bridal makeup!! liquid products melt into the skin and feel so much nicer than powers.

Nars Liquid Blush / £25

Nars Liquid Bronzer / £28

(will last you forever and you don't risk them breaking, not as much as powder anyway!)

Eyes - I apply whatever I fancy, powders or cream and to be honest thats more based on what kind of makeup I feel like doing that day not really on what the weather is like outside. I guess in winter I might tend to go abit deeper with my eye makeup using blacks, silvers glitters and a bit heavier, where as in the summer I would try to match up with my tan and go fro bronzy golden tones and i'm more likely to go less on my eyes and brighter on my lip.

Lips - Now this is defo something that i find seasonal! Autumn/Winter I will always wear deeper shades of nudes, deep or dark reds and browns i've even worn a shade that is almost black before! So then for Spring/Summer I 100% wack out Mac - Ruby Woo, every year!! Its a gorgeous bright red! I also love hot pinks, light pinks and peachy shades to take me through these months.

When selecting my makeup I pretty much base it around what I am wearing that day, hence why I tend to go for darker, deeper makeup in the winter months because I live in black!! And in the summer months I wear pinks and peaches and I love to look bronzy with a pop of colour, you can do this simply by pulling colour through on your cheeks, lips or both!!

I hope you have picked up some good tips!!

Leanne x

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