I have been wanting to do this one for a while now, foundation is one thing in everyones makeup bag that is an obvious staple product BUT trying to find the best one for your skin is almost mission impossible and so many people struggle, this can actually be down to a few reasons so I am going to start this blog post off with a few tips on how to find the right foundation for you!

When I worked at Mac I would foundation match hundreds of girls daily and 90% of them came in with a friend who already used Mac foundation which is great, but does your friend have the same skin type as you or do they want what you want out of your foundation? probably not so I wouldn't shop for a foundation just because your friend loves it, do some research first, read some blogs like this one and hopefully these tips below will help you.


1. before you even step out of the door you need to decide what the foundation you are shopping for is for, they can be a pretty penny so are you looking to spend out on one to wear day to day? or are you looking to buy a foundation just for special occasions?

If you are looking for one day to day you need to remember that your skin changes through the different season as does your skin tone, people are usually more tanned throughout the summer months and paler in the winter therefore you will need to switch up your foundation, I use a completely different foundation in the summer to winter, If you bought a foundation in June and go to use it in December its probably not going to work so keep this in mind.

the same goes for if you are a tanner! If you love a bit of fake tan before a night out (like me) and you are shopping for a foundation for nights out/special occasions then apply your tan before you go shopping for a foundation to match it up perfectly.

2. Ask for a sample, don't be afraid to walk into a department store and ask them to match you up with a foundation along with a sample, I can tell you now from having worked on such makeup counters pretty much all of them will help you out with this. If you find one you love and want to buy, STILL ASK FOR A SAMPLE!! I say this because how many times have you tried a foundation in a store and then got home and its completely wrong for you (i.e its bloody orange!) thats because sometimes the lighting in a department store can be very deceiving and also the foundation can oxidise, oxidisation is basically when oxygen comes into contact with the product on your skin and can change colour which might be why when you get home you feel like the foundation isn't right for you and you need a shade or 2 down. So instead of going through all that hassle and the worry as to whether you can exchange of refund your product because its been opened, just as for a sample pot along side your new foundation and use that first.

3. DOES IT CONTAIN SPF?! please do me a favour, if there is one thing you take from this blog post it is to try and look for a foundation that contains at least SPF 15, you really need to protect your skin every day in every kind of weather, I always ramble on about this but it really is necessary or at least apply it before your foundation within your moisturiser.

4. Decide what kind of coverage and finish you want to achieve from your foundation, Im going to get on all technical terms which you now so I will try keep it as simple as possible, so when you walk into the makeup department you aren't completely terrified or overwhelmed by all your options and you know what you're talking about!


They tend to either be dewy or matte so don't freak out when the person helping you asks you what you'd prefer.

DEWY SKIN - This does not mean shiny or oily, it does however mean you want a bit of a natural glow to come through on your skin and you want your skin to still look like skin, well moistured and radiant.

MATTE SKIN - This is for absolutely no shine at all on your face, anywhere! this one is usually good for people with really oily skin as it tends to help control that and gives a powdery texture to the finish of it.


These also tend to be either sheer, full or the in between options

SHEER - You know the saying no makeup - makeup, well if you want that then you want a sheer foundation, just imagine it like sheer can see its there but you can kind of see through it, its exactly the same for how this type of foundation will come out on your skin, you will still see freckles ect and may need a little help from concealer with any blemishes to completely cover them up but it will even out your skin tone and give you some coverage.

FULL - this is full on thicker, creamy foundation that when applied you know its there, Its going to cover everything! you don't usually need to build these kind of foundations up as one application is enough.

IN BETWEEN OPTIONS - these for example are an in between of the above and it isn't the only option you can choose from. Sheer to medium is another one for example and this is where its good to have an idea of what you want to achieve from the foundation you are buying before hand.

Right now finally I am actually going to list my top 5! These are foundations that I have in my makeup kit so I can cater for absolutely anyone that sits in my makeup chair, can you imagine hiring a makeup artist and they show up with 1 or 2 types of foundation!

These are not listed in any particular order as they all have different benefits they are just my fave of their own kind in the big wide world of foundations.


This foundation is my every day foundation, Its super lightweight and sheer but you can also build it up to give more coverage, I like my skin to look like skin during the week days and this is perfect for that. Once it is applied it stays put and doesn't feel like you have anything on your skin at all. It gives the perfect radiant glow..tick, reduces wrinkles...TICK, minimises pores and illuminates the skin and contains SPF 15.


This foundation is super, super sheer I mean like literally nothing there BUT its absolutely beautiful for people that don't really need foundation and just need a little something to balance out their skin tone and really good on mature skin, Its one of my cult products. If you actually apply this product into your hands and rub them together it has this clever technology that thickens the foundation up which is really good if you want a bit more of fuller coverage some days.


Containing light reflecting technology you get the ultimate dewy glow from this one, its oil free so no oily skin but still glowy and radiant! it hydrates and again is lightweight so doesn't feel like you are wearing anything on your skin but it does give a nice amount of coverage, i would say it is about sheer to medium but defiantly buildable, it also literally glides onto the skin perfectly so I never get an arm ache from blending!


This is my fave for brides on their wedding day, its very long - wearing, has that skin look finish I would say it is thicker than the sheerer foundations but not as heavy on the skin as a full coverage foundation and it is buildable so its just a good all rounder! does all the plus's which by now you can see I have a theme for - minimises pores, hydrates, gives a lovely glow finish and contains SPF 15!! massive bonus.


No thats not a spelling mistake, weird I know but celebrities do these things!

If you didn't know already then Fenty Beauty was formed by Rhianna and when I first heard about this launching I honestly didn't think much, but she has absolutely smashed it!

This is my night out / special occasion fuller foundation so I matched up the shade to my fake tan as I mention above in the tips.

This foundation is matte, no shine at all it is even resistant to sweat and humidity! It glides onto the skin without feeling heavy and is so long-wearing! the only pain in the arse with this is that you can only buy it online on or in harvy nics in the uk! I actually bought mine from Sephora which are all over seas annoyingly! The plus to this is that I believe they send a sample of the foundation out to you with it, again as stated in my tips but you may want to check that out first and also the way of matching you up on the harvey nichols website is super easy to understand and she has bought out 50 shades!!

All the foundations above are all suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES.

For help matching your makeup online there is a fab website - you can select the current brand and shade of foundation and then match it to another brand which will then tell you what shade you will be in that particular brand/foundation...You are very welcome :D

I really hope this has helped, Leanne xxx

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