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Hand made / Cruelty free / Ethically sourced lashes

To apply: Pull the pink ribbon to release the clear insert, with a pair of tweezers take hold of the end of the lash, there is extra length to do this so it dosn't cause damage to the lash, then simply cut the lash down at either end to fit your eye and apply using the clear glue that is included. 
It is important you do not try to pull the lash off from the centre as they are hand made and this will cause damage.


    Unfortunatly due to hygiene reasons we can not accept any returns or refunds. 

    Please also take care when removing your lashes from the box as this can cause damage to them. Damaged lashes are also non returnable/refundable.

    All products are closley inspected before shipping.


    Free standard shipping to the UK only.