This is a semi-permanent makeup treatment using a manual tool inserting pigment into the upper layer of your skin.

With correct aftercare this will last 6 -12months.

Regular top-ups are required - see below for info & pricing. Your initial microblading treatment with be made up of 3 appointments.

1st appointment - patch test & consultation / 15min appt

2nd appointment - first initial microblading treatment / 1hr appt

3rd appointment - a touch up to complete / 30min appt

Please book your 1st appointment through email, the remaining 2 appointment will be booked in when you are in the salon. 

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Due to microblading being a semi-permanent treatment you will need regular top-up's to maintain them and the aftercare and healing process is the same each time.

Top-ups are recommended anywhere between 3 months - 6 months

This will be different for each client and your skin type.

The minimum time between each top-up is 3months. 

Please read the FAQ for full information before booking.

Pricing is based on £10 per month from your last appointment.

For example - 

3 months after your last appointment £30

4 months after your last appointment £40

and so on to a max of 12 months, after this time the full treatment will be required therefore it will be full payment for the service - £270

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